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LEGO Tribute to the End of the Space Shuttle Era

Raul Oaida from Romania launched a LEGO Space Shuttle (LEGO Model 3367) aboard a 1600g meteo balloon filled with Helium and carrying a GoPro Hero HD camera and SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. The Balloon and LEGO shuttle reached an altitude of 35000m (almost 115,000 feet or 21.7 miles)!

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Knuth: Developing Robotic Scientists for Space Exploration

The University at Albany (SUNY) has highlighted Knuth’s research in a recent news piece.

UAlbany Professor Kevin Knuth with a robot built from LEGOs. (Photo Mark Schmidt)
UAlbany Professor Kevin Knuth with a robot built from LEGOs. (Photo Mark Schmidt)

Kevin Knuth has a laboratory in the physics department of the University at Albany that is filled with LEGOs. The bricks are relatively cheap and can be used to rapidly prototype a robot’s body. Knuth’s robots are being programmed to solve such problems as mapping complex terrain.

At UAlbany Day on Saturday, Oct. 25, he will give a demonstration on Robotics and Robotic Exploration in Life Sciences Room 143 at 10:45 a.m.

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Building instructions for the robot shown in the UAlbany article can be found on

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