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Meta-Parts: Part II

This is a continuation from Meta-Parts: Part I and consists of a library of LEGO constructs that can in many cases act as liftarms for bracing various structures. Note that these LEGO designs can easily pull apart when you apply forces in certain directions—usually within the plane of their design. They will not be stable for constructions requiring that they withstand forces in those directions. However, if you need to brace against forces that are directed out-of-plane, or to prevent torsion (twisting). These constructs may help. If you are desperate, and are willing to sacrifice purity, a drop of superglue will do wonders.

Planar Constructs
This is a strange set where the construct has round holes that lie in a plane. Some of these constructs are quite strong, but the next set is even stronger still.  These construct provide alternative ways to stabilize axles.

Planar Meta Parts

Rectangular Constructs
The following rectangular constructs are typically much stronger than the previous constructs. These examples sport round holes at either the corners of the side centers.

Rectangular Meta-Parts

Square Constructs
These squares are quite sturdy, and can be constructed to have a good number of round holes in the square interior. The constructs in the lower row enable one to firmly attach two beams at 90 degree angles to create cross shapes.

Square Meta-Parts

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